Aztec Online

The year is 1519 and you find yourself in the jungle near the Mexican capital city of Tenochtitlan, as a Spanish conquistador. You have already have heard the natives speak of the treasure of the Lost City of Gold. There the Emperor Tlatoani Montezuma has hidden jewels from his palace of Axayacati. And among them, the mythical Crystal Skull. But the city is not what it first seems. Not only must you decipher all the clues and puzzles, but it turns out that finding the treasure is only half the problem. The other half is how to escape with it. Buena suerte!

2-12 players
14-99 years
Multiple Languages
100% fun

Reviews of Aztec online escape room

Much better than the online escape games that I’ve tied before. It has a great atmosphere and you can interact with real people.
Danna C
It was the second room that we’ve tried and it was much harder than Zombie, but still succeed :)
Great innovation, thanks for the new experience! Good luck with Your online games!!
Escape Masters
I played about 20 or so online games already but this was the first where we were guiding a real person in the game. Such a blast! Definitely recommend for escape room enthusiasts!